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Cash & Carry




The Cash & Carry is particularly for gardeners. But also garden centers, municipalities and public institutions find there way to VeluwePlant. The plants are clearly presented and above all, because of the drive-in, loading is a piece of cake. Once you are done, your selected materials will be scanned at the office desk.
Our drive-in Centre is open the entire year with ofcourse the exception of Sundays and public holidays. Throughout the fall, winter and early spring, there is a large amount of shrubs, conifers and trees with root ball present. Later these plants are repotted, so during summer, there’s also a large stock available. This continuous huge stock is the power of the Cash & Carry. All standard shapes and sizes in our inventory is constantly refilled. We don’t like to sell ‘sorry we can not help you!’ Also present are several exclusive species, you will find Veluweplant the right choice. A good service and atmosphere are two of our main features. At your request we show you around, but whenever you don’t have the time to pay us a visit and search for materials, ordering in advance is no problem! We will put your order aside or delivered to your specified location.