95 years green!

In the beginning

How it starded? VeluwePlant is a company rich on history. The company was founded in a small place in the South of the Netherlands called Reeuwijk. The great grandfather of the current owner, starded his nursery in 1918. In the following years the nursey has grown and  specialized in hedging plants, mostly conifers. In 1968 the company moved from the South to the Middle of the Netherlands in a even smaller place called Lunteren. In Lunteren the nursery covers 4 hectares, this extra space was needed to grow futher. At one point the nursery included over 1000 different types of hedging plants from all over the World! Around 2002 Leen Konijn changed course and purchased the plot on the Scharrenburgersteeg, which is the location of VeluwePlant until this day. From this location and with the new name VeluwePlant bv, Leen started supplying gardeners and large green space suppliers. The nursery activities have  moved to the background and the Cash & Carry has experienced strong growth over the years. The next generation is now also working in the company, the daily management of VeluwePlant is now in the hands of Jos Konijn and Arjen Timmer. That’s why VeluwePlant. Continuously on the move for over a 100 years!